Take control of your credit card fees

Businesses across America are getting FREEDOM from their payment processing fees by eliminating them completely! Would you like to pay ZERO in monthly processing fees?


As consumers cash in on ever increasing Rewards Points, the profits of merchants continue to sink. We think it's time for a practical solution for cost-conscious businesses.

Start saving money today with our Freedom Program!

A five minute call may save you hundreds of $$$ per month.

Merchants are moving to CASH pricing models

A cash discount isn’t only for the gas stations. This pricing model is giving merchants a reasonable option to avoid payment processing fees. This empowers your customer to choose if they want to receive a cash discount or cover 100% of your credit card processing fee for their transaction.

No more annual rate increases and hidden fees

The standard Freedom Processing Program has a flat rate of $59 per terminal. Process $20,000 or $200,000 in credit card transactions? It’s still $59!

Merchants LIKE to be more competitive

Cash pricing models allow merchants to be more competitive overall, and increase profit margins.

It's Your Money, Don't Give It Away!

If you aren't fully satisfied with the Freedom Processing program you can switch back to traditional processing at any time.




Our program features options for small and large ticket averages. We have custom tailored the Freedom Processing program to meet the needs of any merchant. The average merchant is saving $250 per month! That’s over $2500 a year!

The average merchant has saved over $2500 per year

Rates continue to rise as REWARD Cards are more common

This pricing model has been used in Europe for years

Next Day Funding

Our standard processing terms include NEXT DAY funding for ALL approved merchants.

No More Hidden Fees

The days of trying to sort out your statement are over. Our service covers EVERY fee associated with processing.

Reward Points Won't Cost You

When a consumer earns “Rewards Points” it hurts your bottom line. Not to mention cash paying customers get NO reward .

Gain Your Freedom Today!

One Flat Fee Covers Everything

Freedom Program


Cover all processing fees, statement fee, PCI compliance, batch fees and more.

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