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In the ever changing environment of the credit card processing industry, you need a trusted adviser and advocate on your side. With over 25 years of combined experience in the payments industry, Capital Advisor Group has the knowledge and expertise to assist in making the right decisions for your business's success. 

Upfront and Honest Pricing

Honesty, integrity, and transparency is what helps Capital Advisor Group stand out among the crowd of other payment processors in the industry. We cut out the layers of unnecessarily large downgrades that most processors charge for accepting Rewards, Signature or Business cards. 

With our Interchange Plus pricing model, you know exactly how much you are paying to Capital Advisor, Banks and Visa/MC/Amex/Discover. 

American Express OptBlue

American Express OptBlue merchants get seamless integration and receive one deposit and one statement from Central Payment. There’s no payment infrastructure overhaul and no changing of merchant account providers.

With OptBlue, we can eliminate the traditional Amex start-up cost, monthly fees and commitment. Now, we can offer you the same reasonable and competitive rates as we do for the other card types.

EMV... Little Chip, BIG Security

Right now, EMV is a big topic and there’s lots of confusing information to process. EMV payment technology is already used all over the world and countries that have adopted EMV are proving the technology to be highly effective in reducing credit card fraud. 

EMV credit cards are identified by a metallic chip that stores payment information and is used in place of the familiar magnetic strip. This chip is smart, secure and virtually impossible to duplicate. Here’s how it works: during a transaction, the chip secretly and securely passes data to an EMV payment device using a unique, one-time code that cannot be used again. If the card is illegally duplicated, the code will have already been used, signaling that the card is fraudulent.

Get more from your payment processor

EMV acceptance is easy with a wide variety of devices available and suited for your unique business needs. Whether a simple credit card terminal or full POS integration, we have you covered 


Today's smartphone technology allows you to accept highly secure and incredibly fast mobile payments at the point of sale. With the tap of their smartphone, your customers can check out in seconds without opening their wallets and fumbling around with a credit card


Get fast access to your funds. With Capital Advisor Group, you get Express Next Day Funding with a batch cutoff time of Midnight EST. Don't wait days to get your money, get them tomorrow!

Are you missing out on sales?

Setup an online store with us and capture some of the millions of customers who prefer to shop online. 


Unlock hidden profits within your business with our state of the art point of sale systems, which are tailored fit for your business. Track inventory, trends, employee scheduling and promotions. And stay secure with EMV payments directly integrated


Interchange Plus pricing with no hidden fees or unnecessary rate increases, partner with a trusted source for your payments processing needs

Accept payments while on the go! With our suite of mobile payment options you can secure payment on the spot and save on fees since you don't have to hand key a credit card at your office.


We are here to support you when you need it. We have a team of local support reps as well as a full service, US based service and customer support center staffed with agents ready to take your phone call.


Gift cards are a great way to attract customers and promote your business. We can custom build a gift card programs and setup loyalty programs to reward your current customer base.

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