No more signatures

Have you ever been in a hurry to check out at a local retailer? The check out process has become cumbersome with the roll out of new "chip" enabled cards, extra steps equals longer time for check out. Well, MasterCard is going ease the pain at the register with their new process.

The credit card giant is making it official, eliminating the need to sign for purchases made on their cards at retail locations, as of April. Whether to sign or not will now be a optionaldecision for merchants in the U.S. and Canada.

There are a many merchant now who do not currently require signatures for purchases being made, but they run the risk of a transaction being charged back.

“Eliminating the need for signature is another step in the digital evolution of payments and payment security,” says Linda Kirkpatrick, executive vice president of MasterCard’s U.S. market development division.

In a blog post, she says research showed the company that most folks believed it would be easier to pay, and that checkout lines would move faster, without signatures slowing them down.

So, when April of 2018 rolls around, don't be worried about signing a sales reciept when you check out.

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